1. Do both the sender and the receiver need a Mailber account?

No, both the sender and the receiver can use Mailber without having an account. Members will simply be able to take advantage of additional features (e.g. saved addresses).


2. Does the recipient get a notification of incoming mail-items?

Yes.  Mailber automatically notifies the recipient of any mail-items queued for delivery.


3. Does the recipient get to confirm the address they want it delivered to?

Yes. Upon receiving the recipient’s desired delivery preference, Mailber updates the details for order fulfillment.


4. Who delivers the package?

The actual delivery of physical goods remain with existing delivery companies. Mailber only manages the addresses and delivery preferences. 


5. Why is Mailber doing this for free?

Mailber aims to enhance the postal address system worldwide, and in order to serve the fabric of communications we believe our base services should be available to everyone.


1. Does Hey! (Mailber) plan on extending its services to my country?

We hope so! Offering our services worldwide is part of our vision. We will continue extending our services in the order of countries where we receive the most demand and support. So please let us know if you like us or would like to support our vision.


2. Do you use real postage stamps or printed indicia?

Yes, we only use real postage stamps, and do not use printed indicia to give your postcards a more original, authentic look & feel.


3. Do you have an Android or iOS app?

We plan on offering Android & iOS apps in the near future. In the meantime, you can access using web browsers (such as Google Chrome) from most smartphones. Unfortunately, we are not compatible with the native web browsers of some mobile phones such as Blackberry.

Payment & Pricing

1. Why are prices different for each country?

The key driver is the cost of postage stamps which varies significantly between countries. For example, international postage costs 0.90 EUR in Germany, $2.50 CAD in Canada, and $1.15 USD in United States.
Our prices are fully inclusive of printing, postage, taxes, and sending out postcards worldwide.


2. Why don’t I just send from the cheapest country of origin?

You certainly can. The option to originate from different countries gives the option for our users to pick the shortest route / delivery time and choice of postage stamp.  


3. For postcards sent using Mailber, what happens if the recipient declines my postcard or doesn’t confirm their address?

We will inform you and issue a refund accordingly.

Quality & Processing

How is the quality of the postcard?

Our postcards are printed on premium postcard cardboard, postage stamps are added by hand and sent off by post.


What size are the printed postcards?

Our postcards are printed in standard postcard size (i.e.: 10 x 15 cm / 4 x 6 inches)


What size and resolution should my pictures have?

The pictures taken from most smartphones are generally compatible. Our system automatically adapts the size of the picture after your upload. It is possible that parts of your picture are cut off automatically during the adaptation. However, this is normally not noticeable and you will always be shown a preview of how your picture will be print. In general, pictures should have a minimum resolution of one megapixel and should not be larger in size than ten megabytes. For those uploading image files from computer, we recommend using images saved as landscape layout to minimize cropping.


How long does it take to deliver a postcard?

We guarantee that that your postcard(s) will be processed within 24 hours. Domestic deliveries usually take 2-3 business days, and international deliveries usually take 7 business days; but please be aware that the delivery of your postcard may vary depending on the postal services of the destination.


How can postcards originate from different locations?

We have set-up operations in each of these countries.


How is Hey! affiliated to Mailber?

Hey! is a product by Mailber. Hey! demonstrates a sample online checkout that has been integrated with Mailber.

Mailber is a free service that lets receivers decide where & when to collect their mail, which also allows senders to send physical items by simply knowing the recipient’s email address.


What are the benefits of my registration?

By registering, you are supporting our mission to enhance the world’s 150 year old mailing process. Besides securing your username, you will gain access to all of our features as they get released, including opportunities to try new features before they are publicly released. You can already begin affiliating multiple postal addresses to your email to allow speedier (re)routing of mail-items.